Thriving during uncertain times Anxiety and immune function

We are all understandably concerned about how this latest flu virus is going to affect us. How can we sort fact from media sensationalism? Who isn’t a bit stressed at this point with children at home and work uncertainty? But if you are prone to depression, anxiety or already stressed it can become very difficult to function. Anxiety and fear affect the chemicals produced within our mind and body - reducing our ability to think clearly, sleep well, digest food and regulate our weight. But the most important reason to deal with anxiety at this time is because it REDUCES OUR IMMUNE FUNCTION. When we are anxious, stressed or depressed our immune system actually turns itself down and this reduce

Why are people Panic Buying?

I saw this post on Facebook today and my first thought was ... “ No - it's FEAR”. People are panic buying because when our thinking is from the perspective of what we LACK and a SCARCITY mindset, our motivation is fear. Fear is a very old, powerful and totally unconscious emotion designed to save our life. A loss or a negative experience has twice as powerful an effect on our brain than a gain, which makes sure we learn from that experience and avoid it in the future. When we are afraid or have been anxious for a while, part of our brain becomes over-active and more easily dredges up bad memories of fears or failure and other bad stuff in order to keep us safe. We retreat into a protective c

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