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Equestrian Hypnosis

Riding Confidence & Performance


Are you a rider who has lost your confidence ?
Do you suffer from competition nerves ?
Do you love to jump but are too scared to do it ?
Have you stopped enjoying your riding – or are not riding at all?

I’ve been there – I know the feeling of being overwhelmed, stuckness, frustration and fear.


I know how difficult it is to move forwards on your own. Falling into the trap of spending a fortune on new bits, tack, equipment and systems. Searching for anything that can help you. It's not a question of motivation – you are motivated – you are here reading this !


Horse lovers are wonderful people – you love horses and spend so much time, money and selfless effort looking after them. You deserve to spend a bit of time and effort getting your head in the right place.


Happily, this is where I can help you, and it often only takes two to three sessions to make very welcome and positive changes in your life.


Whether you want to ride for fun, in competition or professionally, I can help you. Using a combination of gentle techniques including Hypnotherapy and NLP - and calling on my experience as a riding instructor and competitor – we can work in a format and at a pace that suits you - all in my comfortable armchair. 


Its powerful stuff – if it can help to re-boot the immune system and help to turnaround chronic illness in three days - what could it do for you ? 


Contact me now by email or telephone to discuss how I can help you. I shall be very happy to answer your questions in confidence and without obligation and to help you discover how you can move on to where you truly wish to be. 


I also am very pleased to give talks to Riding Clubs about Horse Riding performance and confidence, please contact me to arrange.

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