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June 10, 2015

These tips are gleaned from my own experiences and a lifetime of collecting the help and information from the professionals that I’ve been fortunate to work for and with. If you apply them you will feel much more calm less nervous and will be able to relax and have fun at competitions. This will automatically begin to increase your confidence.



1.      Preparation, preparation & practice!


​I know this is something you will probably have heard before, but it’s amazing how, the better prepared you​ are, the more relaxed you’ll feel.


When you have rehearsed and practiced until the test, or course of jumps becomes second nature, it will all begin to feel easy and familiar and you’ll feel so much happier and more confident.


You’ll be able to relax more and just enjoy the day.



2.     Take a support team.

Enlisting the help of a friend who can read your test for you, or can help groom, or hold your horse when you need to rush off to the secretary’s tent or walk the c...

May 10, 2015

A new study has found that just one session of hypnosis could significantly improve rider’s confidence, according to research conducted by Sherree Russell Ginger, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Riding Instructor.


“Our findings showed that confidence can be increased by up to 51% with just one session of hypnosis,” said Sherree.


To date, there has been very little scientific research specifically into horse riding confidence, so the primary aims of this study were to examine the effects on riders, of a single hypnosis session, designed to increase sporting confidence.


21 female volunteers, aged from 20 to 62, from novice to professional riders, took part in this study.


Participants were randomly assigned to two groups. One group received a single session of group hypnosis. The other group were given an educational presentation about fear, anxiety and confidence.


Data was collected from questionnaires completed by the volunteers before, and 2 weeks after their interventions.


The results d...

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January 8, 2019

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