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Fit for life ?

When we are fit and supple we can cope better with life's ups and downs - both physical and emotional. We have a little more balance in ourselves. When we unconsciously understand this we start to believe in our abilities and push ourselves a little more.

When I was recovering from a hip replacement, I was determined to be able to ride again and so I was very conscientious about doing the exercises I was given by the hospital physiotherapist, but I also had the excellent help of two wonderful ladies:

Pilates instructor Sarah Ribbans ("Pilates with Sarah" in Worthing) who used Pilates herself to help recover from serious spinal injury following an accident to get back to riding and competing Elementary Dressage.

Yoga teacher Anna-Lucy from "LoveLifeYoga" in Godalming, who has a haven of calm at her home studio.

I also continue my yoga practice at home, and I highly recommend Adriene who has a 30 day yoga introduction available for free ;

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