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Hypnosis to help Students

How can Hypnosis help Students to help overcome exam anxiety and study stress?

Students face a multitude of challenges:

  • keeping up with their coursework

  • studying and revising for exams efficiently

  • maintaining a good balance between studying and social activities

  • making sure they stay in good health and fitness

  • getting enough sleep

  • as well as trying to plan or decide on their future career path.

All of which can contribute to feelings of anxiety and stress, as well as lack of confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

So how can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis can be used to teach students how to calm their anxiety to achieve a focused state before studying. This can significantly improve their ability to integrate new information while they are studying, and aids memory retention and information retrieval, making studying and revision easier. Hypnosis can be used to learn and integrate memory techniques, allowing students to enhance their memory and information retrieval. Self-Hypnosis can be used during study breaks to allow students to feel more rested and refreshed. Hypnosis can be used to mentally rehearse and prepare for tests and exams, leading to improved outcomes and results. Hypnosis can be used help students can gain new insights into their interests and passions by tuning into the bank of knowledge stored in their subconscious mind, allowing them to make better informed career choices.

Hypnosis can be used help increase a student’s sense of self confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to make better choices to achieve an appropriate balance between their academic and social life. Choices that will be less influenced by social expectations, peer pressure and outside influences, and that will allow them to stay focused on their end goal. Hypnosis can help students overcome insomnia and get to sleep quickly through training the mind to achieve a calm state rapidly. Hypnosis can help students maintain a healthy exercise or sports routine by teaching them how to achieve their Zone of Optimum Performance - a “zone” in which exercise can seem effortless, exercise can then become more fun and even addictive. Hypnosis can also be used to help students deal with study pressures and stressors without the temptation to use substances like alcohol, weed, muscle relaxants, stimulants, psychedelics, or even overeating. Hypnosis can be used to arrive at the positive mind states required without drugs, for free, and without any side-effects.

What clients can expect from working with a hypnotherapist

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help students with exam stress
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help students with exam stress

Your hypnotherapist will conduct a thorough consultation, so they get a good idea of your life, past and present, and your worries and your dreams. Your hypnotherapist might ask you questions that have more depth than you expected. Hypnotherapists do not do something to you, rather they help you to find your own power to make the desired changes. Hypnosis is a relaxing experience, enjoyable experience. Your hypnotherapist will guide you into hypnosis, just like a guided meditation and will either continue to speak to you about something relevant to your situation or ask you questions. Your hypnotherapist will also teach you various techniques to use at home. The techniques might include tools to help you when you feel anxious and ideas to stop the habits which increase your anxiety.

How do I work with Students to overcome exam anxiety and study stress?

I offer a bespoke three-session package which will be tailored my individual client’s unique requirements (because everyone is different) which will really help them to control any feelings of anxiety around exams and tests and prepare for a good outcome. The sessions will also help them to manage the pressures of studying and planning for their future courses and career choices. This package will include other therapeutic tools such as NLP where appropriate, and I will record hypnosis sessions for my clients to listen to whenever they need, to support their progress. Most clients choose to spread their sessions, so they are taken at two-week intervals, but that is entirely up to you. You could choose to have them weekly or monthly.

Sessions are usually taken in person at my practice in Partridge Green just south of Horsham but can also be taken remotely via Teams. The cost is £240.00 for the three-session package. Additional sessions if you feel you’d like to have ongoing support, are at your request, and would be charged at a reduced cost of £75 thereafter. Taking the first step sometimes feels huge, so it’s OK to take a small step first to see how things go. If you’d like to book one session to see how you feel, the cost is £90, which I’m happy to offset against the price of the three-session package if you wish to proceed.

Contact me for more I information or to have a no obligation chat to see how I can help you or phone me on 07880 336059 or pop along to the bookings page and book yourself in


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