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Why are people Panic Buying?

I saw this post on Facebook today and my first thought was ... “ No - it's FEAR”.

People are panic buying because when our thinking is from the perspective of what we LACK and a SCARCITY mindset, our motivation is fear.

Fear is a very old, powerful and totally unconscious emotion designed to save our life. A loss or a negative experience has twice as powerful an effect on our brain than a gain, which makes sure we learn from that experience and avoid it in the future.

When we are afraid or have been anxious for a while, part of our brain becomes over-active and more easily dredges up bad memories of fears or failure and other bad stuff in order to keep us safe.

We retreat into a protective comfort zone and cling to what we know, avoid change, risk and the unknown - in effect STUCK in a “Mind Cage” - Unfortunately this reinforces and strengthens the negative pathways in our brain and we respond as if the worst in going to happen

Because it is designed to keep us safe this function it is always running in the background of our mind, rather like the operating program of a computer. Imagine it as a scale that we move up and down which ranges from comfortable to mild trepidation, through worry to high anxiety, panic and fear.

We are always on that scale and we can’t get off of it - but we can learn to regulate it and turn it down.

“When we know better we do better” ... Maya Angelou

Let us learn to be kind

Sherree Russell



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