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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Are you one of the 70% of smokers in the UK who wants to quit?
All it takes is two sessions to Stop Smoking  - £190

I provide a year's peace of mind - if you start smoking again at any time in the next year, you can come back to me and I will help you again for free.

The reason why I do this is because if you are coming to me to stop smoking, you really do want to be a non-smoker so I help you to achieve your goal, at least for a year.

By using hypnotherapy to stop smoking - you give yourself the best chance to stop smoking for good.


In 1992, New Scientist Magazine (Volume 136, issue 1845) reported “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit”.


The largest ever study carried out at the University of Iowa, which combined the results of more than 600 studies of 70,000 smokers comparing various methods of stopping, found that on average, hypnosis proved to be over 3 times as effective as nicotine replacements and 15 times more effective than just willpower alone.


When a person develops an addiction to smoking, there are two components:-

  • The physical addiction to the substance itself

  • And the psychological dependence to the habit


There are lots of stop smoking aids available today, pills, puffers, patches etc and they all claim to help you give up smoking – but unfortunately they don’t address the nicotine addiction, and leave you with having to struggle get over the nicotine addiction long after you've stopped the smoking - and making it easier to relapse.  All these aids also your require willpower and conscious effor,t to be effective in stopping the habit, and they don't address the psychological need.


Habits and addictions are controlled by the unconscious mind. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to over-power the unconscious mind by willpower alone.


I can help you overcome both the psychological and the physical sides of your smoking addiction. 

Using hypnosis we work with your unconscious mind gaining its support, which is why hypnosis can quickly and easily stop you smoking.


Often, smokers see cigarettes as their friend or crutch and think they’ll feel as though they’ll be missing a friend. Some smokers are afraid of what the habit is doing to their health but think that it’ll be too difficult to stop but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to be a non smoker and have no desire to ever draw that poison smoke into your lungs - to never miss it in your life and to enjoy the freedom not being controlled by it 20 times a day  


These are my 3 easy steps to stop smoking for good.

  • Step One: Telephone me for a no obligation chat about the best way for you to stop smoking. 

  • Step Two: Meet for our first 60 minute session. I will take details of your smoking background and prepare you for giving up.

  • Step Three: A week later we’ll meet for our second 60 minute session where we’ll work together and your healthy smoke free life can begin.


The good news is that your body will begin to heal straight away.


After just 20 minutes without a cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse return to normal.


After 24 hours your lungs start to clear and by 3 months your circulation improves so walking, climbing stairs – all exercise gets easier.


After 1 year your risk of heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker.


When you use hypnotherapy to stop smoking, not only will your health improve, but so will your finances - 20 cigarettes a day, at approximately £8 per packet, adds up to £2920 per year. What will you spend your money on?


Contact me for a confidential, no obligation chat to discuss how I can help you quit smoking for good. 

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