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Fears & Phobias

Conquer Fear and Phobias



Fears and phobias can make your life more than difficult. They can fill every situation with anxiety, panic attacks and a complete inability to function. The stress these feelings cause can also affect partners, children and create ongoing damage to important relationships.

Whether you fear dogs, spiders, heights, needles, flying or driving on the motorway, or any other issue - together we can banish your fear forever. Whether you feel completely unable to speak in public, to apply for a new job or even leave your home, it would be my pleasure to help you to take back your life and live the life that you choose.


Most often hypnotherapy is the main technique which, with my guidance and expertise, will enable you to change your life forever. In many cases we will also draw upon other approaches such as NLP and life coaching to achieve the best results for you. And the good news is that generally we can expect to achieve results in just a single one-hour session.


Contact me now by email or telephone to discuss how I can help you. I shall be very happy to answer your questions in confidence and without obligation and to help you discover how you can move on to where you truly wish to be. 

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