Thriving during uncertain times Anxiety and immune function

We are all understandably concerned about how this latest flu virus is going to affect us. How can we sort fact from media sensationalism?

Who isn’t a bit stressed at this point with children at home and work uncertainty?

But if you are prone to depression, anxiety or already stressed it can become very difficult to function.

Anxiety and fear affect the chemicals produced within our mind and body - reducing our ability to think clearly, sleep well, digest food and regulate our weight.

But the most important reason to deal with anxiety at this time is because it REDUCES OUR IMMUNE FUNCTION.

When we are anxious, stressed or depressed our immune system actually turns itself down and this reduces the production of the cells essential in the control of disease.

So what can you do to help yourself reduce anxiety?

Make three lists

1. What you CAN control – even the little things

2. What you CAN’T control and need to let go of (or possibly trust to divine help?)

3. What you might need to ask some-one else to do

Connection with other people is essential to us but doesn’t have to be face to face.

Who can you connect with on a daily basis via phone or Skype or other media?

Stop pushing the ‘fear’ button

Make a rule that when you speak with people it’s about ANYTHING OTHER THAN Covid-19.

Tune into the news if you must – but only once a day from a reputable source.

Tune out of any social media that fuels fear.

Get out into the fresh air

Get some exercise – it makes us feel better and boosts the immune system.


To your good health

Sherree Russell

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